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UserHoot Lifetime Deal SOLD OUT

With UserHoot, you can easily make announcements or “hoots” about your business’s latest releases, shiny new features that you’ve worked so hard to add to your products, and general updates about what’s new for your brand – all from one place.

Why I gave UserHoot 5⭐️ and you should too ? Customer service and accountability is high on my list. I love that UserHoot has enabled me to share timely snippets of content, including images and videos as a pop up on my Invanto Club membership site. Having tried similar software in the past I was keen to compare pricing and features. I have not been disappointed. I’ve been very impressed with the level of support from the LifeTimeDeal team and the developers behind the software, who listened to user requests and added new features quickly. I’d highly recommend picking up a deal for UserHoot and putting this software to good use. It literally took me 10 minutes to set up and now I have a fab way of communicating with my members and potential customers.
I love this product! Not 2 days after I installed the script on to hubby's website (NOT wordpress by the way--so this can be used as far as I know on ANY website platform!) he got not one but TWO people contacting him for training! It was super easy to create, copy/paste into the webpage and was done. I dont have time to deal with learning curves...honestly didnt feel there was one, it was that easy to use. Support was on top of it and answered any questions I had. (Support for me will often times make my decision to purchase--it is that important). Def recommend this tool.