Is there a refund guarantee?

Yes, you have a 60 day refund guarantee with this purchase.

Can we stack coupon codes?

Yes, you can stack up to 9 codes of the $59 codes for a single account, and you can stack unlimited sub accounts with the white label addon. (Must have 5 codes stacked for white label)

If a sub-account exceeds 3000 contacts, is there a way to connect that account to a paid solution for more contacts?

Yep, you get a 50% discount from normal pricing when ready to scale your clients accounts.

What does it mean Unlimited Omni-bots?

The bots are on the roadmap but when they go live, all members will be able to create for unlimited websites, landing pages etc. Can read more here

Can we link our own SMS accounts at SMS platform? Or do we have to buy SMS credits through Omnikick and what will that cost be?

As soon as SMS is added you will be able to add your own Twillio account, so everything will be at cost through there.

The white label sub accounts, will this be something I can rebrand and resell?

Yes the subaccounts are yours to do what you want with, resell, giveaway as gifts, bonuses, etc.

What is “20 sends per contact per month”?

Using OmniKicks servers you can send emails to a single contact a max of up to 20 times in a single month, most brands will send like 2 to 5 a month. If you want to send more emails per contact you are able to connect your own SMTP.

Can we create a segment of people subscribed to push notifications but not to email notifications?

Yes you can use the push notifications as a stand-alone or add to a campaign combined with emails.

Are the messages to accept push notifications mobile responsive?

Yes, for mobile browsers.