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With UserHoot, you can easily make announcements or “hoots” about your business’s latest releases, shiny new features that you’ve worked so hard to add to your products, and general updates about what’s new for your brand – all from one place.


UserHoot Lifetime Deal




Put Customer Engagement on Steroids with UserHoot

Don’t you hate it when you invest in a product hoping to start a fruitful, long-term relationship, but the brand goes... "poofit's gone right after the promotion?

As if that’s all there was to it. As if… they’re hiding something. As if there’s no way for you to know what they’re up to anymore.

That’s not how customer loyalty is built now, is it? As a business owner, you need to keep your customers in the know of everything that’s cooking. You’ve got to keep ‘em in the loop as that’s the only way they’ll later turn into your brand’s real ambassadors.

But, how do you even keep your customers in the loop? How do you update them on the latest ongoings of your business? Most importantly, how do you promote special offers and upsells right from your site?

Hate to break it for ya, but broadcast email is not the answer.

What you need, is UserHoot a new content marketing platform from the team at Invanto.

Since 2009 Invanto has been making online entrepreneurs lives easier with their software products. 

Don’t just brag a little, brag a lot with hoots

With UserHoot, you can easily make announcements or “hoots” about your business’s latest releases, shiny new features that you’ve worked so hard to add to your products, and general updates about what’s new for your brand – all from one place.

Multiple Projects to Cover all Aspects of Your Business

Whether you’re in the SaaS or e-commerce business, have an agency or multiple websites for different aspects of your business, UserHoot makes customer engagement an easy-peasy affair with simple changelogs.

Create a separate project for each site, and share relevant updates pertaining to that site. This way, you not only keep your existing users in the know, but also engage new visitors on each of the sites.

Real-time Customer feedback and reactions

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could collect recommendations for new product features and feedback for your existing ones – all from your website?

Let customers share real-time feedback and reactions on the updates you make, and then, analyze them to respond accordingly. Increase the value your customers derive from every feature they use on your product.

Customize the design to resonate with your brand

Your UserHoot changelog is your product’s notification center, and of course, it needs to be in sync with the rest of your brand. With umpteen customization features, you can change the size, colors, typography, and even the location of the feed.

All it takes is a few button clicks to get the job done!

A Roadmap that makes you say “Whoa!”

Analytics: Let the customers enjoy kickass updates on the site, while you capitalize on the useful basic stats like views, clicks, opens, comments and more. The end result? Faster improvements, decreased churn, and better engagement.

User segmentation: Not all updates may be relevant to all users. In that case, how do you post targeted updates? With segmentation, of course! Separate users by standard parameters like their product interests, location, language, and behavior, and push only the updates they’ll be happy to receive.

Integrations: Why post updates manually everywhere when you can integrate your UserHoot account with hundreds of other apps? Save time by automatically sharing updates without worrying about manual labor.

Team Management: Want your team to schedule and manage your hoots? Not a proble. Use the team management feature to quickly create team mates and assign basic permissions to view, create, and manage your hoots.

Stand Alone Project Feed Page: Everytime you create an announcement "hoot" it will also be posted automaticly on a hosted page with all your other hoot feeds.

White Label: Want to own your own SaaS (Software As A Service) business? Well now you can rebrand UserHoot and sell to your own clients. White label accounts include 10 client accounts with each client account having unlimited project/website feeds included. Note: White label is expected to be released at the end of March.


Today’s customer doesn’t always have time to open emails and interact with “human” chatbots. What they need is information at their fingertips. With UserHoot, you kick the tedious modes of communication out the door, and embrace a simple, efficient way of keeping users updated on the latest happenings.

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