If I want to use this for three of my own brands/businesses that I own and operate, each of which has minimal traffic at the moment, would it be better to stack multiple Pro Licenses, or get the Mega License or White Label?
Hey Shawn, If it's minimal traffic then the Pro plan should be enough. You get unlimited funnels with any of the lifetime deal packages so the amount of brands or business won't be a problem. I would more look at the amount of users you plan to have accessing your account. For example do you have any virtual assistants, designers, partners, ect that you want to give access to? If you need more users then you can stack the Pro plan which will give you more users and monthly unique visitors, only the GB storage would not stack. Or just grab the Mega license which gives you enough room to scale as you grow. I hope this helps.
Let us know if you have any questions about this lifetime deal, leave a comment or question.