Affiliate Program

 Partner with us and get paid everytime you send a customer that makes a purchase from Lifetime Deal.


Thank you for your interest in partnering with Lifetime Deal as an affiliate partner. We value our affilates and want to help you succeed, below you will find some basic rules. 


Benifits of partnering with Lifetime Deal:

  • Get paid 30% for any purchases from customers you send us.
  • We use a trusted 3rd party service to monitor all affiliate "clicks".
  • Complete transparent metrics using Paykickstart's trusted software.
  • Quality software that you will be proud to promote.
  •           Scheduled payouts, no need to send in requests to be paid.
  • 60 day refund protection for everyone you send to us.
  • Helpful team willing to help you if you're new or a vetran with affiliate promotions.
  •           We pay through Paypal.



General Rules for our affiliate program:

  • Affiliate commissions are payed out from the 1st to the 5th (the dates are dependant on holidays & bank operational days), of the first month after the 60 days refund period of the promoted product has ended.
  • You agree that the affiliate program is to earn commissions from sales of customers you send us and not to be used as a discount opportunity by using your own affiliate / referral link to make purchases.
  • You agree that no purchases you make for yourself will be counted towards your own affiliate / referral commissions.
  • Partnering with us you agree to submit all information needed legaly to pay you commissions.
  • You are responsible for your own taxes and any other fees required from your local, state, country or banking or financial institutions.
  • Any abuse of our program can result in termination of your affiliate / referral account.
  • You agree any disputes over clicks, traffic or any other metrics must be made through PayKickstart themselves as their software is not mainained by us and we can only pay out from their reporting given to us.






We will update our affiliate terms and rules from time to time, please check back from time to time to stay up to date for any revisions. We will do our best to update you to any changes.
Last Updated: 3/1/2020